Tai Ji Quan Activity with Thousands of People
     On Aug 8, 2011, the third National Fitness Day of China, the activity of “the third forest culture tourism festival of Xiling Snow Mountain of Chengdu, China, and the second Tai Ji Quan with thousands of people” were successfully held in Daoyuan Holy City in Heming Mountain of Dayi County.

    On the morning of Aug 8th, all the delegations of units began to practice at the Shanmen Square of Daoyuan Holy City.
    The highlight of this activity was that all the delegations of units from Dayi County participated in the contest of “36 types of Tai Ji Quan of health preservation of Taoism” led by Huang Qiang of Tai Ji Educational Academy of Daoyuan Holy City. The matrix of Tai Ji Quan with thousands of people was very active after a forced quiet, waving together with the wind under the burning sun and swaying to the rhythm. The steady action and regular formation showed the fitness effect of Tai Ji Quan and also the pursuit of health preservation of people of Dayi County.

    The “Tai Ji Quan of Thousands of People” of Daoyuan Holy City has become another name card for the sportsmanship of national fitness of Dayi County.