National, provincial, municipal and county leaders attended
    On April 14th, the dedication ceremony of the statue of ancestral Taoist master of Heming Mountain·Daoyuan Holy City, and root tracking and ancestor worshiping activity, co-hosted by Chinese Taoist Association, Taoist Association of Sichuan province, Chengdu Taoist Association and Taoist Association of Dayi County and prepared by Tourism Development Co., LTD of Daoyuan Holy City of Chengdu Enwei Group and Taoist Temple of Heming Mountain in Dayi County, was grandly held in Heming Mountain of Dayi County, the cradle of China’s Taoism, to develop and expand the traditional Taoist culture, enhance national cohesion, improve social harmony and promote foreign cultural exchanges. More than 90 famous figures in Taoism from China Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, South Korea, America, Britain, Italy and Australia etc. and thousands of domestic figures in Taoism attended this ceremony.

    Taoist seniors such as Ren Farong, Chairman of Chinese Taoist Association, Zhang Jiyu, Vice-chairman of Chinese Taoist Association, Tang Chengqing, Chairman of Taoist Association of Sichuan Province and Zhang Mingxin, Chairman of Taoist Association of Chengdu, and overseas guests such as Gao Zhongxin, Director of Management Committee of Taiwan Chi Nan Temple, attended this ceremony and cut the ribbon at the completion ceremony of Daoyuan Holy City.
      During this ceremony, the “Taoist Forum of Heming Mountain” was held, centering on topics such as “contributions of ancestral Taoist master establishing Taoism to Chinese culture”, “modern values of Tao Te Ching” and “Taoist health preservation” etc