The Holy City of Taoism, the Health City of Enwei to
Keep You Away from Haze
                         Xue Yongxin
       Today I want to introduce to you a paradise for residence, recreation and resort that is far away from the pollution—the holy city of Taoism, Dayi Heming Mountain.
       Along with the social development, the environment surrounding us is constantly damaged. Air pollution, water pollution, food safety problems and other ecological issues are threatening our health. Among them, air pollution poses the biggest challenge, because no can live without breathing of air. Once we breathe in polluted air, the exhaust and hazardous matters will enter our respiratory duct and lungs, causing serious impact on our organs, blood vessels and circulation. Plus the water pollution and food safety problems, the world today is witnessing increasing number of respiratory disease and cancer patients. More and more people are suffering from the environmental pollution. The health crisis has already caused a series of panic attacks in the society. The good-willed people just couldn’t predict that any time, the illness would befall on them or their loved ones. Their hearts are filled with fear, but the environmental pollution is so serious that there’s simply no escape. People feel helpless.
       It is under such background that Chengdu Enwei Group has been adhered to the corporate belief of “happiness to the people, harmony for the society” and had invested totally over CNY 700 million in the reconstruction of the place of original of Taoism—the Holy City of Taoism at Heming Mountain. Fully utilizing the extraordinary natural conditions, we provide people a brand new life style far away from air pollution, water pollution, and food safety problems.
       1. Heming Mountain is the place of origin for Taoism religion of China. It is a rare gem of outstanding Feng Shui conditions. Sitting on the end of the Qixue of Kunlun Mountains, Heming Mountain has a main mountain shaped like a crane spreading its wings, diving down from the sky, while two streams gather at the crane’s beak, forming Xiejiang River. With “Qinglong” (the winding river) at the left hand and “Baihu” (broad way) on the right, “Zhuque” (clear pond of water) to the south, and “Xuanwu” (low hills) to the north, this is the perfect Feng Shui layout. Standing atop the 1300m peak, endless mountains spread as far as the eyes can see, like a gigantic wave rolling forward. Surrounded by the magnificent beauties of sunrise at dawn and glow at dust, as the clouds rolling amidst the mountains and fogs lingering in the air, it is truly a heaven on earth.
       The Qi of the dragon along the thousand-miles long Kunlun Mountains gathers at Heming Mountain, forming the “one and only” ground of supreme Feng Shui and pure essence of Yang. In the Taoism regimen, all of human bodies are of Yin, and living in a place of Yang can drive out the Yin Qi in the body. The city sitting in the cradle of mountains is the ideal destination for health preservation all year round. In ancient times, Master Guang Chengzi once practiced in Heming Mountain; in the late years of East Han Dynasty, Ancestral Celestial Master Zhang Daoling also achieved his immortality here. He created the Five Pecks of Grain Sect, symbolizing the official establishment of Taoism in China; other significant figures such as Du Guangting of Tang Dynasty, Chen Chuan of Song Dynasty, and Zhang Sanfeng who lives across Yuan and Ming two dynasties all achieved their immortalities at Heming Mountain. It’s safe to say that all these ancestral masters had driven out all the Yin Qi of their bodies using the pure Yang Qi and essence of the heaven, and finally achieved immortalities of pure Yang body.
       2. With the beauty and harmony between the mountains and rivers, the holy city of Taoism promotes the best concept of living—the syncretism between heaven and men. Here is the holy ground of supreme Feng Shui between the mountains and rivers. There is no frosting in winter, and temperatures never exceed 26℃ during summer nights. It is the most comfortable environment for human habitation. Living here and playing here is definitely going to prolong your life while preserving the physical and mental health, while bringing you good fortunes that will last through generations.
3.  Proved by modern scientific monitoring, the account of negative oxygen ions in Heming Mountain exceeds 3000 per cubic centimeter; and the spring water here equals the international standard for outstanding spring quality; the geomagnetic total intensity is over 50,000NT. Combined with the strong geomagnetic effect of 0.45 to 0.5 Gauss, the spring water molecules of the Holy City is cut into small-molecule structure of 0.5 nanometers. It is considered the most precious nanoscale natural small-molecular water, easily absorbed by body, as the spring water will penetrate the skin surface at the immediate contact. Rich of trace elements beneficial to human bodies, the water is not only the holy place for spa treatment, but also has amazing skin-improving effect, equaling the quality of the Bama Spring at the town of long life. Here the supreme small-molecule spring water enters the Spa Center and Qingyun Villa of the Holy City of Taoism, becoming a major feature and great appeal of the rehabilitation service of the city.
       4.  This is the place of origin of Taoism of China, the one and only and cannot be replicated. It has profound Taoist and cultural foundation. The Ancestral Celestial Master Palace after repair is a magnificent building; the 81m tall statue of Lord Lao-Tzu stands majestically. There is also the Palace of the Immortals where the 300 immortals from Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism represented by Lao-Tzu, Sakyamuni, and Confucius gather……The profound Taoist cultural atmosphere and the religious charm of the Holy City has attracted pilgrims all over the world for prayer and blessing, who gather here to bath in the traditional culture and cultivate their souls. The local residents, listening to the evening drums and morning bells in the monasteries and away from the vanity and uproar, gradually feel the purification and sublimation of their spirits.
       5.  The Holy City has abundant water resources and fertile land that have nurtured some amazing medicinal herbs, as well as organic and pollution-free grains, vegetables and fruits. If you ever had the chance to be in the harvest in autumn, you will truly feel the fun of the “urban farmers”, and the most healthy way of life.
       6.  The famous cultural scenic area where the Holy City resides is the ideal choice for sports. Here you can learn Tai Chi and other Taoism regimen practices for free, so as to strengthen your body and prolong a healthy life through the mysteries of Taoism.
       7.  The Holy City of Taoism is also home to a Taoism Medical Institute focusing on Taoism health preserving medicine. Moving along the four seasons, rehabilitation is the featuring service to demonstrate to you the magnificence of traditional health preservation of China. The surrounding buildings take on styles of ancient gardens, emphasizing the beauty of natural landscape, providing an outstanding rehabilitating environment for patients, and laying the solid foundation for a long and healthy life. The Taoism Medical Institute also maintains personal files for all long-term guests, ensuring an even longer period of health.
       8.  The Holy City of Taoism enjoys obvious geological advantages: it is only an hour’s drive from Chengdu and Shuangliu International Airport. With such convenient traffic, it can be easily considered another residence for recreation and holidays, as well as the new home for you to enjoy health and comfort besides work; it is the paradise where you can escape from the PM2.5 and polluted air in the city.
       9.  In the Holy City of Taoism, the Enwei Health City built surrounding the center of Taoism health preservation medicine has adopted an garden design that has preserved the original beauty of the landscape to the maximum extent. The Chinese Medicinal Herbal Park is like a forest, with all the exquisitely designed and constructed buildings scattered among the shades. The property management is of the same standard of a four-star hotel, equipped with facilities for senior citizens, children, etc. There are also fully functional libraries and tea houses, which bring more choices for property owners to live their comfortable lives here.
       In the land of heavenly beauty, all the uproar of mortal world is far away. It is the new fashion with the ancient charm, and you can regain and enjoy the health in leisure and comfort. The Holy City of Taoism is the fruit of years of search and countless effort of Chengdu Enwei Group. It provides a brand new healthy living style based on the current social environment. Now it is presented to all walks of life so those who cherish health and love life can experience the beauty thereof. We sincerely hope that friends from all circles of life can come and settle here, living a beautiful and fruitful life. At the meantime, we are welcoming all the precious opinions from you. Let us join hands to make the Holy City of Taoism an even better place.