The Holy City of Taoism A Solution to Human Health Problems through Taoism Health Preserving Medicine
Xue Yongxin
       Mankind has been recklessly plundering nature out of greed; individuals put others under sufferings for their own ambitions; natural disasters, wars and industrial waste gas have led to air pollution, water contamination and tainted food; all kinds of stubborn diseases, cancers, and chronic diseases have left modern medicine helpless. Resection of the diseased organ has been the only treatment in Western medicine; and treatment of modern Chinese medicine is mostly prescribed on the basis of testing data, while only those veteran doctors of TCM are still using such therapies as syndrome differentiation by eight principles and balancing of yin, yang and five elements. The above two leechcrafts of Western medicine and Chinese medicine are both treatments after pathological changes, but not permanent cures of the root – the mind and body of man.
Cultivation of mind and meditation on Tao -- good cures for diseases
       Having been engaged in the study of Taoism and Buddhism for more than 30 years, we’ve realized the significance of harmony between human and nature; thus we have worked out a complete set of “Taoism Health Preserving Medicine” depending on Taoism regimen and Taoism medicine. Then what is Taoism Health Preserving Medicine? The answer lies in Tao Te Ching (by Lao-Tzu) in the first place. The first chapter of Tao Te Ching gives the fundamental rules of living of all creatures in the cosmos. The knowledge of nature takes the knowledge of “Tao”. Tao refers to a vast positive energy (Qi). The cosmos, before taking its shape, was a chaotic fog cloud, like a circle. The positive energy divided the circle into two parts, yin and yang, where all creatures like the sun, the moon and stars were derived from. Qi gave birth and nurtured all things; and all creatures have their ways of survival, while the ways are either right ways or evil ways.A man of righteous thoughts will have healthy energy, walking on the right way; while the one of evil thoughts will have pathogenic energy and walk on the evil way. What’s more, the man of righteous thoughts will have prevention against pathogenic energy from entering his skin and viscera, thus are kept from various illnesses; also, he can act and behave according to natural laws, social laws and the great Tao, thus is bound to succeed. On the contrary, the man of evil thoughts cannot withstand any evil energy due to the absence of healthy energy inside him, thus illnesses will come to him. So with the healthy energy, human will be sound in mind and body without illness; the heaven will have good weather and the earth good harvest; and the country will enjoy peace and prosperity. Then how to keep righteous thoughts? Firstly, one should be selfless without desire, indifferent to fame and wealth, free from worries, mental blocks and fears; he can then feel like an integral part of nature. One should bring the righteous thoughts from the bottom of his heart; review all his past rights and wrongs; correct all recognized misdeeds and make sure they’ll never happen again. One should also criticize himself at any time to stop all ideas that are harmful to other living creatures upon their appearance, thus keeping his healthy energy and preventing the evil energy. Once the evil energy in the body is eliminated, all illnesses can be cured without medicine. Only a good body can bring the success in career. Both the good and the evil grow out of one’s heart. To control your heart is the fundamental rule of Tao.
       Taoism health preserving focuses on the cultivation of mind
       Taoism Health Preserving Medicine is primarily based on the cultivation of mind; with Chapter 1 of Tao Te Ching as the fundamental rule, it teaches people to first control their heart, to be selfless without desire, indifferent to fame and wealth, free from worries, mental blocks and fears. Righteous thoughts in the heart will eliminate the evil thoughts; healthy energy produced will remove the evil energy. The Taoism health preserving is also supported by various Taoist methods, such as walking, standing, squatting, sitting, lying, keeping single-mindedness and harmony between mind and body, thus storing the negative oxygen ions (negative and positive ions), oxygen and other essences in the air into one’s elixir field, so as to activate and replenish the inborn energy and eliminate the evil energy; combined with medicinal tea and medicated diet, putrefaction in the viscera, intestines and stomach will be eliminated. Herbal remedy may be provided for serious cases.

       The Hospital of the Holy City of Taoism has worked out a complete system of Taoism Health Preserving Medicine, and further a set of standards and schemes for curing sub-health status, chronic diseases, stubborn diseases and fatal illnesses. We have received satisfactory results of these schemes during over two years of practice.
Immortal method for health preservation: Qi circulation therapy
       Taoism Health Preserving Medicine established by the Hospital of the Holy City of Taoism focuses on Qi circulation (expiration and inspiration) therapy and involves two schemes. One is Qi circulation and dieting along with medicinal tea, herbal cuisine and opsonization through Chinese medicine, which is favorable for sub-health status, chronic diseases, stubborn diseases and incurable diseases, and is widely applicable for patients suffering from sub-health and senile diseases. The other one, an advanced scheme, is a 7-day or 14-day meal-free Qi circulation therapy only with water available, combined with breathing practice. This scheme firstly requires strong will, which, together with various practice methods, shows favorable effects for patients with diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and syndromes caused by kidney failure, and is also effective for recovery after cancer surgery and patients with cancer at various stages. The obese can lose at least 8kg weight within 7 days through Qi circulation therapy. Meanwhile, we possess a complete set of high-end modern biomedical analyzers and testers to provide physical examination for all the guests here for rest cure. The medical energy detector will be used to scan the guest’s body completely, including the internal organs, main and collateral channels, cells, etc., and detect the cellular immunocompetence and genic lesion. Once the cellular immunocompetence and genic energy are found below normal value, the examinations through X-ray, B-ultrasonic wave, cardiograph and blood analysis for the abnormal parts, diagnoses combining Chinese medicine and Taoism medicine, and a recovery & health preservation scheme involving personalized herbal cuisine (breakfast, lunch and supper) and medicinal tea are to be made for each guest. Remarkable achievements will be obtained and the disease will be cured with opsonization through Chinese medicine and Taoism regimen in strict accordance with the scheme established, and the patient’s close cooperation.
Health resort enjoying superexcellent Feng Shui layout
       The health resort for Qi circulation therapy requires excellent geographical environment, with negative oxygen ion content not below 1,500/mm3, and total strength of geomagnetic field not below 45,000-51,000NT. Qi circulation therapy offered quietly in a place with beautiful sceneries and excellent Feng Shui favors better results. Heming Mountain, the only cradle of Chinese Taoism where the Taoist ancestors cultivated themselves, enjoys an over 5,000-year history. Master Ren Farong, the incumbent president of Chinese Taoist Association, said, “Heming Mountain enjoys superexcellent Feng Shui, and is a place of pure yang.” Heming Mountain boasts a negative oxygen ion content above 1,500/mm3, total strength of geomagnetic field above 45,000-51,000NT, thermal water drilled from 2,100m under the ground with its quality reaching international standard, high microelements, without poisonous substance. Heming Mountain is a place of pure yang where people are of yin with only a little yang in their eyes, a most suitable place for health preservation and inhabitation.

       The “Taoism Health Preserving City”, to be established by Chengdu Enwei Group guaranteed by Taoism Health Preserving Medicine, will be a forest plant and animal expo park with the core of traditional culture and will provide a new survival mode for the human beings living after the 21st century. The City, a base for experiencing and learning traditional Chinese culture, provides high-end health preserving spring hotel, health community for the aged, luxury residence zone, various clubs and stadiums, convenient for pilgrimage, blessing, health preservation, relaxation, vacation and inhabitation, etc. Welcome to the Holy City of Taoism. We’ll offer you a special experience and your suggestions will be appreciated.