Banquet Hall of Chinese Dinner

      "Dao Shan Tang" worships the thought of "unity of nature and human". The catering here pursues a kind of nature, connotation, and inherence; worships thoughts of nature, simplicity, emphasis on life, nobility and health; understands natural law and humanity, and desires the Taoist philosophy of "law of nature".

       Many health thoughts of Taoism have been absorbed and utilized in "Dao Shan Tang", and a whole set of Taoism food has been designed according to this, among which there are vegetable dishes imitating meat dishes, medicated food made with traditional recipe of Taoism and fashion food cooked elaborately with rich materials from Sichuan Province. All these dishes are cooked with natural green materials, which are environmental and healthy, and after cooked by celebrity chefs, they will be both healthy and delicious, which can better show the massiness and mysterious feeling of culinary culture of Chengdu city, and become the unique characteristic catering in Chengdu city.
       Peng Ziyu, a famous health preservation master in Sichuan has been invited to take charge of Dao Shan Tang of "Daoyuan Holy City", and masters of Taoism in traditional Chinese medical science and Taoism health preservation are also invited to give auxiliary instruction.

       A series of dietary high-quality goods for health preservation are developed according to the concept, secret recipe and menu of traditional Taoism food combined with regional features of Sichuan. Taking different health preservation diet in specific according to physical characteristics of different crowd realizes the effect of integrating health preservation into daily life. The health condition can be adjusted without knowing through conditioning with food, and thus you can gain health preservation while tasting good food.