Introduction to Herbal Buble Bath 

       Herbal bubble bath originates from the Taoist’ health care theory. Chengdu Enwei Pharmacy Co. Ltd turns the herbal decoction into the lotion for treating different diseases with the help of modern advanced technology. The lotion is put into the soak of certain temperature to steam the human body, so as to serve the purpose of expelling pathogenic factors, preventing diseases and maintaining good health. It is based on the theory of water’s heat effect and the water douche on such acupoints as Yong Quan (Kidney 1), Ming Men (Du 4) and Jia Ji (Extra). The active principles of the herbs quickly go through the horny layer and the epiderm to enter the dermis and the acupoints and is to be absorbed by capillaries, producing such effect as remarkably promoting the blood circulation, accelerating the elimination of inflammatory tissues, improving the hypoxia of the affected parts, fighting against the inflammation, stopping pain and relieving symptoms. In addition, it is also beneficial for the population with subhealth.