Hot Spring Medicated Bath House of Daoyuan Holy City

       Hot spring health preservation club of Daoyuan Holy City has over 30 hot spring pools in various sizes.

       Daoyuan Holy City, inheriting traditional secret prescription medicine and depending on the robust medical technologies of EnWei Group, has elaborately developed series of health preservation products for medicated bath of Taoism. For example, washing liquor and nursing liquid of Jieeryin series of EnWei Group all have a good effect on skin diseases, gynecological illnesses, venereal diseases and skin itching. EnWei Group has put health preservation medical soup made with secret prescription of Taoism and developed with advanced technology elaborately into body bath, such as bath soups for rheumatism persons, cerebrovascular persons, fatigue resistance and skin care etc. hot spring medicated bath has an effect of removing and preventing diseases, and health care and preservation.

       Enjoying bath for health preservation in Daoyuan Holy City will let you have the pleasure of bath fitness, and in addition, at Heming mountain, the air is of high quality, the environment here is featured with hill central water around and rich in trees, Keeping health preservation, breathing air and enjoying physical and mental baths here will get you promoted comprehensively from the inside to the outside.